We recognize art as a healing agent for personal and social transformation. In a world culture that increasingly prioritizes intellectual knowledge, society needs to rethink priorities and seek a balance that also values and dedicates time to educating the inner authentic Self.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

“The wealth of the soul exists in images.” —Carl Jung (The Red Book)

Susan Bello, PhD, ATR

“The wealth of the soul exists in images.” —Carl Jung (The Red Book)

Come on an inner journey with the creator of “Spontaneous Painting” who for the past 25 years has been teaching this unique whole brain approach to psycho-spiritual healing and self-expression to thousands of people interested in actualizing their potential. By combining spontaneous painting, journal writing, meditation, and group process in a safe environment, we will discover how to produce healing images from our unconscious mind, where the brushstroke becomes an extension of our inner self. Here our mind enters a state of fluidity, where thoughts and inner judgments diminish, and our authentic voice can emerge out onto the canvas. If you are a beginner, this course offers you the opportunity to discover your artistic potential and for those who already do paint, to explore new ways to enhance your individual style and ground your technique. Come find out how to: quiet your inner critic; unleash your creative personality; and acquire invaluable, life-long skills through the art of spontaneous painting.

Note: No artistic training or background is required. This course does not concern itself with analyzing or judging our art work. There is no right or wrong: The objective will be to express ourselves on the canvas. A materials list in the amount of $45 will be provided upon registration.

(6 sessions) Tuesdays, February 16–March 23, 8–10pm
10WAV05T Approved for CEUs
Members: $180 / Nonmembers: $200

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