We recognize art as a healing agent for personal and social transformation. In a world culture that increasingly prioritizes intellectual knowledge, society needs to rethink priorities and seek a balance that also values and dedicates time to educating the inner authentic Self.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Adult Student's Work

Spontaneous painting is for everyone - people of all ages, from all cultures, with or without painting experience. The two painting series below are each done by an art educator. The series portrays the development of their "authentic Self".
This student teacher's final paper for The Spontaneous Painting course, documents her inner journey and what she learned. (download PDF)
This student painted only in black for 6 years after her son died of cancer. When she began painting spontaneously, progressively she expressed lighter colors and this influenced her perceptions and personal life. Expressing these symbolic images transformed her grief and self-blame, and permitted her to feel new emotions and gratitude for being alive. Many times people express onto the canvas in seed form what will later actualize in their own lives.

In this student's paintings we can see how the fearful emotions that dominated her behavior gradually transformed. Her spontaneous paintings motivated her to confront the world with courage, manifesting her authentic Self. She transformed into a woman who walks in the world connected to her light and life force.

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