We recognize art as a healing agent for personal and social transformation. In a world culture that increasingly prioritizes intellectual knowledge, society needs to rethink priorities and seek a balance that also values and dedicates time to educating the inner authentic Self.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The following testimonials are from student teachers who took a spontaneous painting course that met once a week (3 1/2 hours on Sundays at Adelphi University) for eight weeks.
"Why isn't education instilling values and helping children at a young age gain self- understanding? I think courses about finding yourself and learning how to listen to oneself and what is going on in another person's mind should be required just as algebra. I just don't get why certain qualities, especially ones that are so important are overlooked as a factor in education."
"I have never painted before and I have never been given the opportunity to create what I want. I was looking forward to being led much more by the instructor, so the experience of being able to think freely in the classroom was new for me."
"When I paint I feel empowered because everything on the page is mine and not influenced by anything else but my heart, mind and spirit. The painting is not fulfilling any obligation on being judged by others. I am free to express who I am. It's so therapeutic and I'm so surprised I enjoy it so much. I usually feel like spending time on myself is selfish, but I feel like so much more of a whole person."
"I learned that I need to pay attention to myself and not always be attending to everyone else's needs and wants. It is okay to leave the paper blank and spaces unfilled. It's okay to not know what is going to happen next, and leave room for wonder and imagination to fill the page. I always live life worrying about the how things will turn out instead of just living each moment step by step and taking it as it comes."
"It became readily apparent that this was a place where we could say what we were feeling and not have to worry about being judged or criticized for it."
"I fear being forced to go to war, via the draft, and only have choices that will negatively affect my life. There is no escape if I must go to war. If I refuse I will be jailed for years or become a fugitive or run from the law."
"I need to learn to accept responsibility for creating my happiness instead of leaving it up to someone else to give me that happiness. The only person in charge of how I feel is myself. I want to refocus my way of thinking and ultimately my way of life to become a person who is responsible for their own life. I want to find my inner way."
"Teachers need to encourage creativity and thinking outside of the box in their classroom, not discourage it. Discouraging creativity in students only leads them to believe that there is a right and a wrong way to do things and that the teacher knows best. Students should be taught that they are the creator of their own world."
"I really like the professor and the classmates. Everyone is so friendly and caring of each other's needs. I definitely came out of class today with a new insight. It is important to take time in your busy life to step back and embrace your creativity. Everyone has creativity within them."

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