We recognize art as a healing agent for personal and social transformation. In a world culture that increasingly prioritizes intellectual knowledge, society needs to rethink priorities and seek a balance that also values and dedicates time to educating the inner authentic Self.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Impact of Public Murals on Social Transformation


 "When I realized how unconscious spontaneous art work could transform the painter's emotions, I started to wonder if public murals that invoked strong feelings in the viewer could also impact personal and social transformation." 

 Founder, Org. for the Arts & Whole Brain Learning

     I believe that art can become a healing force for individuals 

and for our global culture. Art expresses a language of the

human heart that reconnects us to lost values we

cherish. Presently consumerism and the media influence our

self-esteem and value system, since advertisers have the

funds to propagate  their messages in the marketplace.

      My doctoral research explored: Can frequent contact

with archetypal are expressed in public murals strengthen

uplifting values in the viewer? Archetypal art reflects

universal human themes represented in images so vital and        

meaningful that they evoke memories, emotional responses

in those who encounter the artwork, and an unconscious

resonance with the theme.

Robert Zajonc's exposure hypothesis,

hypothesis postulated that repeated exposure to a stimulus

can  intensify one's attitude toward the stimulus and have a

subliminal effect on  the viewer. My research confirmed

that a painting which stimulates deep emotions can mobilize 

and transform the viewer's thoughts and behaviors toward

the issue portrayed. 

If we all encountered public murals each day that mobilized a

mind-body connection and empowering feelingsconnected to

hope, inner peace, self-love, or solidarity with others, would

people of all ages and cultures begin to resonate with these

themes? Would such murals unify and shift their conditioned

mindset to a modern mythology based on peace, trust, and


    There is a vital need to rediscover new archetypal symbolic

images (other  than a white dove) to motivate youth, comfort

the elderly, and alleviate anxieties from living with terrorist

bombings, a down turned economy, noise  pollution, etc.

     As a Whole Brain Learning researcher, I am convinced that

our unconscious influences our conscious mind in many ways.

As a sacred activist, I am  committed to discovering and expressing

images that portray poignant murals which enhance inner awareness and honor

the sacredness of life. 

"Living Murals" bring 

 higher values  into existence, 

impacting our lives 

 in a healing way."


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