We recognize art as a healing agent for personal and social transformation. In a world culture that increasingly prioritizes intellectual knowledge, society needs to rethink priorities and seek a balance that also values and dedicates time to educating the inner authentic Self.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Art for Personal and Social Transformation

This will be a weekly blog so I have time to paint and draw as well as write.
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Susan Bello, The Organization for the Arts & Whole Brain Learning www.spontaneouspainting.com

What is Whole Brain Learning? (WBL)

Whole brain learning bridges the conscious and unconscious mind, develops unilaterally the right and left brain processes in a balanced way, thereby educating the whole human being. WBL develops the innate authentic multiple intelligences I.am.I in addition to rational cognition. These include creative, emotional, intuitive, imaginative, spiritual, symbolic, visual and kinesthetic. These innate intelligences channel unconscious symbolic energy through the I.am.I Spontaneous Painting process.

SPP is one approach in an entire WBL curriculum that promotes inner directed learning. It expresses the universal language of humanity’s unconscious mind through symbolic expression. No one tells you what to paint. The unconscious mind leads the paintbrush to express what is most needing expression. It includes meditation and other contemplative practices, such as, writing, movement emboldening self awareness skills, empathic listening, and the characteristics of the creative personality. Spontaneous painting is a language of the soul that can evolve consciousness in all of us.

Why do we need a Whole Brain Learning curriculum?

The evolution of human consciousness requires introducing a Whole Brain Learning curriculum within public education that will reach people of all ages, cultures, and economic classes. Isn’t it time that public education assume the role to educate the authentic Self in addition to the intellect.

What is the authentic Self?

This concept includes: our unique potentials each individual is born with that identifies their special aptitudes our divine essence, inherent direction that offers a deeper life meaning. Individuals who have connected to their essential divine nature, and developed it, have a healthy identity that inspires others and contributes to society.

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone expressed from their authentic essential divine nature. Imagine what YOU would be like?

We all are part of this greater life force in movement - a holographic Universal Self that we create together, by being who we are. Emotional education fosters an awareness of underlying pain and that needs to be released in order to uncover the divine essence.

Maybe it is anger, maybe hidden under the anger are vulnerable feelings of hurt, and maybe once these feelings are unleashed we find feelings of tenderness and a chance for the spontaneous joy each child is born with, and learns to hide, to come out and play.

When Joseph Campbell spoke to us of following our passion, he meant that when we connect to what we cherish and most value in ourselves, that brings us great joy and by doing so we are connected to our authenticity, to each other, and to humanity. This teaching is birthing a culture of peace that is much needed to heal our world.

The 44% of government budget is spent on military activities. While only 2.2% is spent on education.  

Here is the link to the website on the cost of one day of the war in Iraq, and you can see what it would have bought in education instead. http://www.afsc.org/Iraq/ht/display/ContentDetails/i/19245


For the past 5,000 years we have only known a worldview that is based on competition, a powerful group in control (power over), critical judgmental thinking, and not a world where co-operation, creative thinking, and encouragement of individual differences is respected and encouraged as the norm. In the evolving worldview, the concept of a ruling class is replaced by equalization. Not necessarily of wealth but a consciousness of personal respect for all the members of our species, our global community. No matter what the color of their skin, the texture of their hair, social or economic status…it is not about rich or poor. The poorest person may know how to love, to sensitively listen to others and to nature, and be happy with few material possessions, while the richest person may not. The accumulation of wealth over caring for one another is what is being taught today. No wonder the economy is so unbalanced. It reflects our values. How to get a job where you will earn a living, and of course having the money to buy things is important, but how to live joyously, with love and acceptance for self and others, is the timeless message of all world prophets. Over 2,000 years have passed, and we have not successfully taught or learned how to become aware of and overcome limiting fearful thoughts that block us from embodying our higher Self.

What are our values? What do we hold most dear? What are you yearning for?

Joyful living is a value of the new worldview. It is a birthright. We need not feel guilt in being joyous and receiving pleasure from life.

Rolando Torro the creator of Biodanza was one of my teachers and he recently passed away. His final written message to the world contained these words:

“The mission of the Biodanza professor is to transmit a state of love and awaken divine consciousness. Frequently people carry an identity where their divine nature is not allowed to grow. People feel insignificant, that their actions are insignificant. Living in a state of inferiority people are not aware of the divine nature they hold within. The essential nature of the human being is the eternal celebration of life. The essential nature needs to transmit its light, and this is the birth right of all humans. We are not inferior, we are divine.”

The new paradigm in education teaches individuals to experience the sacredness of life. A society that promotes such an educational goal is evolving a universal consciousness.

The Spontaneous Painting Process is therapeutic because it offers a method to access and express exactly what a person needs to for their own personal awakening. Spontaneously, in its own time, in its own way, we let the inner process unfold, as a flower. This all can be experienced in the art classroom. Such a consciousness includes states of self-acceptance and acceptance of others, compassion, solidarity, and greater connection to states of love and inner balance.

My goal is to create a Whole Brain Learning movement in education to change consciousness: Art for Personal and Social Transformation.
I would like to hear from you!

I think that one way to begin this movement is to start pilot programs in schools where a research study could be implemented. The results of this research could influence public policymakers to take a fresh look at the present curriculum. What do we need in order to begin?
1. We need teachers and schools interested in participating. All ages, cultures are accepted for this is a trans-age program. The younger the students the better, before the wounds start to become permanent habitual responses blocking the joy of life.
2. We need facilitators willing to participate in a training program, who will be the disseminators of the method.
3. We need YOU, educators, and change makers internationally to join this movement.
4. Once facilitators have been trained, you can begin to teach, and implement the research project globally.

Spontaneous Painting is the universal language of humankind. Wherever you live, you can learn this method and bring it to others. Please contact my email spontaneouspainting@gmail.com and let me know of your interest and questions. Seed the change you want to grow in the world!

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  1. Hi Susan,I agree with your words,the misery caused to a human being who has had to cut off from their authenticity in childhood,in order to survive is hard to describe.I am still in a struggle to get hold of my true self,I feel glimpses of it,I would love to teach the method,please let me know more,Im in Scotland.Regards,Lynn